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34500 Gateway Drive
Suite 110
Palm Desert, California
(760) 328-8737
Thursday - Saturday
9:00am - 3:00 pm

August 12th, 2020


  Hello Everyone 

Hello Everyone, it has been a little while since our last newsletter and I wanted to start out with saying Thank you to everyone who attended the Southern California Quilt Run and supported all the stores.  We did not know what to expect and we could not be happier with the results.   Your support will get us through the summer and if this nasty Covid-19 ever subsides we should be able to continue as the store you all have come to love.   

Currently our store hours are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 am – 3 pm.  We are operating on reduced hours for a few reasons.  Typically, in the summer months the store is pretty darn slow usually crickets.  With the Covid-19 and the summer heat  the store now has crickets on tumbleweeds blowing through the store. Reduced hours just make good business sense.   We are hoping to gear up again this fall but need to find just the right person to join our Quilter’s Faire Family at the store.  Help wanted and needed to get the store back on track.  If anyone out there is interested or knows of someone who if familiar with quilting and sewing and wants to work full time, please have them contact the store. 

Our store has also lost our long-time, long arm quilter.   Yep, when it rains it pours. Say it is not so – Wayne has retired.   So, we are looking for a couple of long arm quilters to work with the store helping to keep our famous samples coming.  If any long arm quilters out there have been looking for a store to quilt for … give us a call.  And if any of our customers can recommend a long arm quilter please let us know. 

As we move into the Dog Days of Summer at the store, we thought it would be fun to offer an in-store savings on the Whole Country Caboodle pre-cut, pre-fused dog appliques.  We have several breeds available and during the Dog Days of Summer the in the store saving is 20% or 2 for $20.00 while supplies last. 

 A recent fabric addition to the store is “Fancy Free” by Denise Burkitt for Free Spirit.  I had the pleasure of meeting this interesting artist at quilt market and was instantly allured by her collection and the interpretation of her solo adventures in the Outback and Northern end of Australia.  Vivid and rich colors from red and orange to the occasional soft grey blue and greens.  Colorful, organic, and large-scale prints.   This collection is also available  for purchase in our on-line store. 

I can almost hear those sleigh bells in the distance as I work on the store sample for The Reindeer Dash. We are now just gearing up our Christmas department at the store …. Remember that rain I spoke of earlier, well the skies opened up and poured some more disappointment … our planned for months Christmas fabric order from a predominant California manufacturer( for some unknown reason) gave our fabric order away and can no longer fulfill their order commitment… there is no umbrella big enough to stop the rain from falling on the store recently.  After adding to the rain with our own tears, followed up by hysterical laughter we are moving on to plan B, C or Z.   We will save Christmas … we just are not sure what it is going to look like right now.  When we get the samples done, we will post the pictures.   The Reindeer Dash event this year starts Thursday, October 1st through Saturday, October 3rd and is always an event we look forward to. 

We are taking everything in stride and one day at a time as we all keep moving and sewing on.   We look forward to seeing you at the store!  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 – 3 pm.



Reindeer Dash Quilt Run


Dog Days of Summer


Fancy Free (Free Spirit)