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34500 Gateway Drive
Suite 110
Palm Desert, California
(760) 328-8737
Thursday - Saturday
9:00am - 3:00 pm

October 7th, 2020



Thank you, to all those Reindeer Dashers.  The event by all standards was a success and a lot of fun.  There is a little adjustment though for us here at the store – it is not cold outside, and we cannot seem to get those looping holiday songs from playing over and over again in our minds.   

Just a reminder our current hours of operation are Thursday – Saturday from 10am – 3pm.  Starting soon we hope to extend those hours and as soon as we do, we will send out the information.  But for right now:  THURSDAY – SATURDAY from 10am – 3pm. 

We are starting a new monthly event called “Back Store Bargains”.  Because we were closed for so long (thanks covid) and many of our seasonal customers left early, we find ourselves with too much fabric.  What you say, can anyone have too much fabric?  The answer is yes, our walls are not made out of elastic and typically we save all our small and forgotten bolts for our birthday party , but we just can’t wait that long – there is just not enough room.  So once a month, on a special Saturday that we will announce we will be pulling our “Back Store Bolts” up into our classroom area for purchase.  The only stipulation will be that all cuts must be 1 yard or more and you will have to shop for these bargains in our classroom area that will be limited to 2 customers at a time so everyone keeps the social distancing required.  The first “Back Store Bargains” will be held on Saturday, October 24th from 10 am – 3 pm.   Please come help us out.

Our latest store sample could not be cuter – Casual Friday table runner using “Give Thanks” by Sandy Gervais for Riley Blake Designs.  This is a fun pattern with 3 projects and all the projects can be made with just one 10” stacker!    

And we just received today, the new “Quilters of the Door” by Ann Hazelwood.  This is the first novel in the Door County Quilts Series that I personally cannot wait to start reading this evening. 

We have had several calls regarding any upcoming Batik Retreats.  Unfortunately, currently we are unable to plan any retreats.  Just a soon as we can – we will, and we will notify everyone.  So, this gives us kind of an extended time frame to plan the next one.  If you have any suggestions, we’d be glad to hear them. 

Have a wonderful week and we will see you in the store! 


Casual Friday


Back Store Bargains

Saturday, October 24th


Sunflower Stampede