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34500 Gateway Drive
Suite 110
Palm Desert, California
(760) 328-8737
Thursday - Saturday
9:00am - 3:00 pm

October 17th, 2020



Hi Everyone. 

We've had a few calls regarding our store hours and our upcoming "Back Store Bargains" October Event so here is the scoop: 

First our store hours currently our Thursday - Saturday from 10:00 am - 3: 00 pm.   We hope to extend the store hours soon, but right now we are operating Thursday - Saturday from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm.  

Our first "Back Store Bargains" event is this upcoming Saturday, October 24th from 10:00 am-3:00  pm.   Just what is this event?  Well we were closed for so long (thanks covid) and many of our seasonal customers left early in the season, so we find ourselves with way too much fabric for the store.  Our walls are not elastic and we just can't wait for our birthday event like we have done in past years.    The "Back Store Bargains" are the forgotten floor bolts.  The bolts that for whatever reason just did not sell.  We will be pulling our "Back Store Bolt's on the carts back into our classroom area for purchase.  The only stipulation will be that all cuts must be 1 yard or more.  No appointment is needed, however, due to social distancing we can only let in 2 customers at a time to shop in the classroom.  We ask for your patience as there may be a little wait before you can enter.  Also, there is no added staff for this event so again, we are asking for your patience as we process your selections, cut fabric and complete the sale.  We will work as efficiently as possible and we trust that the "Bargains" will be worth your wait.  The plan is to hold a "Back Store Bargain" event once a month... until we can move a little easier around the store. 

This week we received some absolutely stunning batiks by Robert Kaufman Fabrics, "Sparkle".  Can we just say OMG!  The pictures do not do these beautiful batiks justice.  We have added this collection to our on line inventory - check them out by clicking on the button below.  

This year Halloween falls on a Saturday  - come by the store and bring with you , your favorite Halloween Quilt or project to show off!  If you bring us some trick or treat candy (wrapped please) there will be a special discount on all the Halloween print fabric.  

See you at the store!


Casual Friday


Back Store Bargains

Saturday, October 24th